The Loyalty Loan

Are you looking for a long-term investment where your principle is protected, you receive a steady income and have growth potential? The Loyalty Loan is a high interest paying loan investment with a rate that increases the longer you invest.

Most investments are a choice between a capital protected low fixed return or a capital risky volatile high return.  The Loyalty Loan offers returns well above what banks offer on inflexible term deposits, in addition it has the potential upside of the market but without the volatility to your investments principle value.

Toasting Swan Investments manages a portfolio of investments that have provided market beating returns and absorbs the volatility of the market to provide investors a steady long-term income flow plus you won’t miss out on the boom years with additional loyalty interest on offer in those years.

For Premium and Wholesale investors, it’s Toasting Swan Investments’ aim to share 50/50 with investors returns above our benchmark return of 10% over the long term.   This is up to a cap of 13% and 15% for Premium and Wholesale investors respectively.  This is our way of sharing the prosperity that loyalty has provided and is unique to our Loyalty Loan.

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