What We Do

Toasting Swan Investments is focused on long-term performance, but is active in the short-term, taking advantage of its unique position in the market.  We employ a disciplined investing process with a proven track record over the long-term and, in doing so, take advantage of short-term market volatility to provide long-term stability and profit.

Toasting Swan Investments is a private investment business that has researched, tested and has now been running for over 2 years an investment strategy that has proven long term market beating performance.  The industry standard for measuring returns is the Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) and on this measure, we have recorded a 19.5% return in the first 2 years, which is 14.3% better than the market standard measure of the ASX200 Accumulation Index (XJOA).  On a return on investment basis the performance is even more impressive at 29.9% return on investment for the 2 years.

Our investment strategy is straight forward and well known by insiders in the industry but requires a high degree of management and maintenance, beyond what most casual investors the have time or ability to do.  However, it is not a strategy that lends it’s self well for massive investment funds because at high levels of funds under management, profit margins shrink to the point it is not effective, so it does not suit the funds management model of investing.  This is why we can outperform large funds by using strategies they can’t due to their size.  Because of their size, when they buy and sell it moves the price of assets, hence profit margins on trades are reduced, but for Toasting Swan Investments, we are maintaining a cap on our size to maintain performance.

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